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Mortgage Refinancing

Have a requirement to renegotiate your current mortgage?

LendX Financial can help you achieve a lower interest rateconsolidate your debt, and access your home equity by providing the right advice and and best deals from over 50 financial institutions (including top banks) depending on your preference and situation.


Why Refinance?

Get the terms of your existing mortgage renegotiated easily with a low-interest mortgage from 50+ lending institutions including top banks.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We are independent and provide multiple options that are best for you. Whereas, traditional lenders only sell their products and services. 

  2. We also specialize in helping people with a complex economic situation and diverse credit ratings.

Let Us Find The Best Mortgage Deal For You

Send us a message about your requirements, and our mortgage expert will get in touch with you.

Benefits Of Refinancing

Lower Interest Rate

Save money with a better interest rate on your current mortgage when you refinance with us.

Debt Consolidation

Get a long-term debt consolidation mortgage that gives you the funds to pay off several debts at the same time.

Equity Takeout

Use your home equity for a house renovation, investment, fund a life event, or improve your credit score.

LendX Financial's Special Interest Rate

Starting From 7.49%*
* 7.60% APR ⓘ

Find Out The Mortgage Amount, Payment Schedule That Suits You

Apply For Mortgage Online In 3 Easy Steps



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