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Buying a House

Facing Trouble Getting A Mortgage?

Declined by Bank, Self-Employed, Whatever Be Your Circumstances?

Talk To Us And We Will Sort It Out With A Private Mortgage

Get Approved In 24-48 Hours!

Discuss Your Case


Private Mortgage Covers You For Varied Requirements

Declined By Bank?

Facing strict eligibility requirements by top banks?

No problem, Private Mortgage can rescue the situation.

Need Emergency Funds?

Property closing due but mortgage got disapproved at the last minute?

Private Mortgage can get you funds in 1-2 days.

Self Employed?

Complex work history?

Private Mortgage just care about your income and not your occupation status and history.

New To Canada?

Moved to Canada recently?

Not an issue, Private Mortgage can give you funds even if you don't have substantial history in the country.

Bad Credit Score?

Is your credit score working against you?

Private Mortgage can fund your project even if you have bad or no credit score.

Need 90% Of Property Value?

Need more funds?

Access up to 90% of funds on the property through Private Mortgage

Why Go For Private Mortgage?

Handing Over Keys

Are You Facing Difficulty Securing A Traditional Mortgage?


Are You On A Short Timeline & Unable To Wait For The Bank To Make Its Final Approval?

Private Mortgage lenders can be individuals or organizations who can be utilized when regular financing options are not possible. These lenders lend for short-term, based on Equity of property. Some people utilise private financing to flip housing.

In any of these cases, Private Mortgage can GET YOU FUNDS that you require for your project.

Private Mortgage Can Actually Work In Your Favour

Lower Interest Rate

Mortgage Interest Is Tax Deductible

Builds Equity

Builds Your Credit

Freedom (No Long-Term Contracts)

Benefits Of Private Mortgage?

New Home Owners

LENDX FINANCIAL Is Trusted By 100s Of Canadians Every Year

Save Yourself The Hassle & Let Us Help You Get Approved For A Mortgage Loan Quickly

"Great experience & exceeded My expectations"

"Great service and on top of their game."

"So comforting to have a professional assist you through the whole mortgage process."

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