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Mortgage Application Process Explained

If you are out shopping for a mortgage and have been hearing from your friends about the particularly elongated process of applying for a mortgage and secretly dreading it, we have your back. We at LendX take all the pains to help you finalize your mortgage deal as a seamless and smooth process from start to finish through an easy online mortgage application form on our website. Let us show you how you can do it too!

Begin by making a mortgage application online or do it with expert guidance

To get a mortgage you need to fill up a mortgage application form. The best way to save time is to fill this application online on our website. You could alternatively share your exact mortgage requirements with our experts who will assist you in preparing your mortgage application.

Online Mortgage Application (Self-enabled form)

If you choose the online method of mortgage application, it will take only 10 minutes of your precious time to make an application. You would, however, need to have the following information handy before you start the application process. You would need:

· Income details

· Asset details (such as cash, investments, RRSP, gifts, any other)

· Current property details, if applicable

There are many benefits of making this application online. Let us list them out for your convenience.

· The information you feed in is absolutely secure.

· If you are in a hurry or have to leave the application process mid-way, you can save it and begin from the same point later on.

· The information you fill in can be edited any time you wish.

· The online process enables you to track the progress of your application easily.

Mortgage Application With Expert Guidance

If you choose to seek the guidance of an expert, you would need to share your mortgage requirements with our mortgage specialist who will handhold you throughout your case. But before you begin, let us remind you that:

· Your privacy is respected and your information is safe with us.

· We will only contact you for your mortgage application and no other reason.

· Your consent is important hence we do not perform a credit check or file the application unless you give us a go-ahead.

· Our mortgage specialist will need some information to begin with. You could fill this on our website. The information required is: Name, e-mail address, and phone number.

Additionally, you would need to state if you want to purchase a property, or refinance it and answer other such questions so that we can help you in an informed wat. The mortgage specialist will also ask your preferred mode of contact - email or phone. They will also be always helpful so you can share your doubts and concerns with them before closing a deal.

If you still have any queries regarding the online application process, you just need to call us on speed dial or schedule an appointment or send us a mail, we are always happy to help.

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