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How To Sell Your Home During The Pandemic

Covid-19 has affected nearly all aspects of life and this includes the real estate we own. You may think that the pandemic is not a good time to sell your home but you are wrong if you think so. Data and surveys indicate that people are still inclined towards buying homes and the demand in the buying market is steadily increasing. Besides, as mortgage rates are low, buyers are making the most of this opportunity. With a few safety measures you may easily be able to sell your home. Let us tell you how.


Though Staging is a very important aspect to make your home appeal to potential buyers it is not practical nor advisable due to the ongoing pandemic. You do not want a staging professional to enter the house at the risk of your health. What you could instead do is to become your own stager and do a DIY staging of your home. To make any room look better and appealing you could simply add in warmth in the form of throws, wall art, mirrors, potted plants and herbs etc.

Besides, the pandemic allows you to be at home for more hours than usual. Take advantage of this extra time available to you and re-do the spaces that are screaming for your attention. A little bit of TLC can make wonders in making a place more appealing.

Virtual Tours

Before letting the interested parties enter your home physically, you could offer them a virtual tour which gives a walkthrough of all the rooms and spaces in the house. They can thus have a sense of the space they are going to visit to buy and have their questions ready. If by chance they aren't interested in buying the house, you get saved from a physical interaction in an age where social distancing is necessary to survive. Some even choose to give 3D walkthroughs for a better experience and feel of the place.

Precautions for face-to-face meeting and home tours

Some prospective buyers may like to see the house physically after a virtual tour and some may directly demand a physical tour. It is in your interest to sanitize the home both before and after such a physical tour of the house so that neither you nor the prospective buyer is at any risk. Besides, do follow the social distancing, limited numbers, mask-wearing, hand washing, and other Covid-19 related protocols for a safe tour. You could offer gloves to the prospective buyers and request them to remove footwear before they start the tour so that you do not catch the virus.

With the above guidance you may just be a step close to selling your home during the pandemic. You can also take virtual tours of the home you wish to buy next and take all the above said measures if visiting a home you intend to buy. If you need any assistance in selling a home during a pandemic, we would be happy to help.


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